Your initial visit will involve a consultation
 when you will be asked about your medical history, general health and emotional well being (all information will naturally be held 
in the strictest of confidence). The consultation 
lasts approximately 25 minutes.


In an Aromatherapy treatment an individual blend of essential oils will be selected and applied in a body massage. In some cases creams or lotions may also be prepared for you to use at home.
In a reiki healing session, the patient lies fully clothed on a massage table while the practitioner places their hands on or near the patient starting a flow of energy.


People experience the energy differently. Some 
may feel a warmth, whilst others feel a tingle. Some feel a sense of  calmness or peace. Almost everybody finds the treatment is deeply relaxing  and report sleeping particularly well afterwards.


Three treatments of Reiki are usually initially recommended in order to address a particular problem. 
These treatments may be spaced over a three week period or less, depending on your availability. 
I often combine Reiki with my Aromatherapy treatments and concentrate the Reiki 
on particular areas of your body that may be causing you concern.


Your massage will either consist of a 
full body massage (I ask all my  clients 
to keep their briefs on during treatment)) or a back, neck and  shoulder massage, lying both 
prone and supine. 
I always include the face  and head, unless 
you request to the contrary.


It is wonderfully relaxing for the whole body 
to begin by massaging the face  and scalp.
Should you not be able to lie down 
on the massage couch for any reason,  (advanced pregnancy, immobility, etc.) you may have your treatment whilst  seated.