Refexology is a natural, non-invasive therapy done on the client’s feet. Using varying degrees of pressure this excellent therapy helps the client both physically and emotionally. Its benefits include relief from anxiety, stress, migraines, headaches, asthma, digestive and back problems, to name but a few.


The underlying principal of reflexology is that there are zones in the feet, linked by energy pathways, to the corresponding part of the body. When pressure is applied to a specific part of the foot, the movement of energy is stimulated along these energy pathways. Some people actually get a sensation in the part of the body, which has only been touched on the corresponding area of the foot!


Reflexology is an holistic treatment. It aims to treat the whole person, i.e. mind, body and spirit. The treatment is designed to stimulate the body’s own healing ability, in order to return the client’s body to a state of equilibrium and harmony. Today’s lifestyle can create many different kinds of physical, emotional and mental stresses which can throw us out of balance and lead to an accumulation of toxins and blockages in our bodies. By working on the meridians of the body, Reflexology can help to remove these blockages, release toxins and encourage the body to heal itself. 


After a reflexology treatment, you will feel revitalised, refreshed, relaxed, calm and with a better outlook on life, you will also sleep better and cope much better with life in general.

On arrival for the first session, you will have a free health consultation, which will take up to half an hour. You will remain fully dressed throughout the treatment, except for your feet. 

DURATION - 1 HOUR, Fully Clothed COST £40.00