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This relaxation CD contains 4 guided visulisations, each preceeded by a full body relaxation."
1. Sunshine on the Lake 8.53 min
2. The Full Moon in June 11.31 min
3. A cove by the Sea 12.04 min
4. A Walk in the Woods 9.34 min
Total running time: 75.05 min
Original Music by Rupert Philbrick.




Ceramic oil burner, supplied with night light (candle). Simply add your favourite oils to water in the top of the burner to fill the house with fragrances. (Size, colour and finishes may vary)

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This product is recommended in helping relieve sinusitis, blocked nasal passages and the effects of colds. Safe and easy to use.

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(The Hot or Cold Wheat Sack)

The "Whottie" is made with organic wheat and essential oil of Lavender. It originated from New Zealand and can be used either hot or cold to provide natural relief from everyday aches and pains. It has proved to be especially therapeutic for ailments such as rheumatism, circulatory and muscular problems, migraines, tension caused by nervous stress, arthritis, menstrual pains, aching shoulders, neck and back problems. In fact, the Whottie is so versatile that it can be used to give therapeutic relief practically anywhere on the body.

Used hot, the "Whottie" can also be used as an alternative to a hot water bottle, which is of special benefit to children and the elderly. Also it can be safely used in conjunction with an electric blanket. The "Whottie" can be put in a coat pocket to act as an instant hand-warmer, or simply used as an aromatic comforter. You can add your own Aromatherapy oils to the "Whottie" by sprinkling a few drops onto the fabric.

When cooled, the "Whottie" can be used as a cold pack to ease strains and muscular aches. Cold, it is especially popular with sports persons and gardeners. The "Whottie" also offers comforting relief to migraine sufferers when used as a cold pack over the forehead and can even help with hangovers.

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Travel sized Wheat & Lavender filled bag, to relieve headaches and soothe tired eyes. Use hot or cold as required.

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Lavender filled cushion to help you sleep

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Safe, non slip mats are essential for practising Yoga. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations.

These mats are usually available ex-stock

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