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"Musicians of outstanding quality topped by the stunning Dr Ika.
  They don't come any better. Aaaah Bliss!"
  Ken Daniels
  Blues In Britain Magazine, UK
"The Grapevine Blues Band is a real trip.
  I played their C.D. and it blew me away!"
  Cookie Holley,
  President, BumpNgrindRecords, U.S.A.
"I switched off the C.D. Player wanting to hear more,
  I would love to see them play live"
  Dave Stone,
  Fender Club, Backline Magazine
"Extraordinary Blues"
  Paul Jones,
  Jazz F.M., London, England
"The best support Band we've ever had"
  Wilko Johnson Band
"Dr Ika can play with soul as well as breathtaking technical skill"
  Tim Slater,
  Guitarist Magazine, U.K.
"Mike's voice is redolent of years in smokey clubs and dens of iniquity!
A voice which brings an authenticity to the songs that is just so right".
  Ashwyn Smyth,
  Blues Matters Magazine, U.K.
"Ika is a tremendous blues guitarist with great taste and tone"
  Blues Revue Magazine, U.S.A.
"Supergroup Potential"
  Colin Everett
  Blues Freepress 
"This boy can really play the Blues"