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New CD !!

Live at the Limelight

1. Messin’ with the Kid 7. Rock Me Baby
2. Love Her with a Feeling 8. Summertime
3. Before you Accuse Me 9. The Sky is Crying
4. Mickey’s Shuffle 10. Hoochie Coochie Man
5. Help Me 11. Back to the Chickenshack
6. This One’s for Suzie

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Neo Blues  

1. Grapevine 8. Tore Down
2. Dusty Road 9. Stormy Monday
3. Messin' With The Kid 10. Key To The Highway
4. Walking The dog 11. Rock Me Baby
5. Immigration Blues 12. Help Me
6. Further On Up The Road 13. Love her with a Feeling
7. Need Your Love So Bad 14. Crossroads Blues

CD length 60m:03s

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Dr. Ika's Blues 


1. Rainy Morning 9. Dusty Road
2. Libido Blues 10. My Li'l Garden
3. Loser 11. Immigration Blues
4. Seperate Ways 12. Ain't No Blues!
5. Grapevine 13. Bad From The Start
6. Old Clock 14. Crossroads Blues
7. Crook RM 15. Rainy Evening
8. Do you Want To Have Sex?

CD length 69m:07s

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Live at the New Crawdaddy Club

1. Rock Me Baby 8. Introductions
2. Walking The dog 9. Further on up the Road
3. This Ones for Suzie
4. Before you Accuse Me
5. Red House
6. Henk's Funk
7. Help Me

CD length 65m:55s

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"The Best Of"      .......so far!

1. This Ones for Suzie 7. Loser
2. Red House 8. Libido Blues
3. Henk's Funk 9. Bad From The Start
Neo Blues 10. Crossroads Blues - Reprise
4. Grapevine New Tracks
5. Dusty Road 11. Funk it Up
6. Crossroads Blues 12. After the Rain

  CD length 65m:48s

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CD's are available from the band at gigs, priced £10.00 each 
or ordered by e-mail via the
contacts page, at £10.00 each plus £1.95 p&p, at £10.00 each plus £1.95 p&p.


Grapevine Blues T Shirts



£10.00 + £2.00 P&P. Sizes Medium & Small only.

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vailable from the band at gigs