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Hemel Hempstead Old Town Hall - our local arts centre that puts on regular Blues gigs with many visiting American Bluesmen' http://www.dacorum.gov.uk/Arts/ 

www.maryportblues.com Maryport Blues Festival
www.papageorge.co.uk  A great musician & friend
www.bumpngrindrecords.com  US record label & radio station
www.digitalblues.co.uk  Ashwyn Smyth's blues radio
www.theretreatbocking.freeserve.co.uk  The Retreat, Bocking - Music Venue
www.thebluesbar.mysite.freeserve.com  The Blues Bar at Grays F.C.
www.themodestmusicgroup.com Our friend, singer/songwriter Graham Robins
www.watfordvalves.com  Looking for that obscure valve, try here.
www.electricbluesharpstore.co.uk  Everything for Harmonica Player
www.oldbluemoses.info  Blues Band
www.bluesatthefarm.co.uk  Blues at the Farm, Billericay - Blues Club
www.blues-clubs-worldwide.com Links to Blues Clubs all over the world
www.blueslinks.nl  Links to Blues websites
www.engineersarms.co.uk The Engineers Arms, Henlow - Music Venue
www.rockingtheblues.com  UK's blues and blues/rock website for fans and bands
www.TheRelayer.com  Bedford Bands Web Site
www.retros.org  Fundraisers Extraordinaire
www.woodys-guitar-world.co.uk  Our friend and a great guitarist, Pete Wood
www.oxfordblues.info  Blues in the Oxford area
www.macmacleod.co.uk  a very old friend and a great musician Mac Macleod, the original 'Hurdy Gurdy Man' 
www.eggle.co.uk   A great friend and maker of fabulous guitars - Patrick Eggle
www.wizzwam.co.uk  Nick Yarsley, top photographer
www.bluesinlondon.com  London Blues
www.mickeyflynn.com/id4.html  A really nice guy and a great musician
www.customcabcom.com  Fantastic quality guitar cabs
www.newstrings.co.uk  Great strings at a great price.
www.ashdownmusic.co.uk  Ashdown amps - Cotton Club Blues, a great & rare guitar amp.
www.thedavethomasband.co.uk   Dave Thomas is an old friend and a great guitarist
www.suttonfestival.co.uk  Sutton on Trent Festival
www.bbking.com  BB Kings site
www.yearoftheblues.org/index.asp  Celebrating 100 years of the Blues
www.thebluehighway.com  Interesting Blues information
www.bluesfestivals.com  Blues Festivals around the world
www.blues.ru  Blues in Russia (English translation available)
www.bluescdstore.com  Buy Blues CDs online
www.youtube.com/index  Great videos of great artists
www.boarhuntblues.com  Boarhunt Blues Club 
www.music-cats-beer.co.uk  Teresa’s New Music, Cats & Beer - yes she means felines
www.sonnyboy.com  The first Bluesman I ever saw live
www.burn-rock.co.uk                 Our friend Rob Sas's rock covers band 
www.thescratchers.net Scratchers (Three Lions) - One of our favourite venues
www.oliselectricblues.co.uk Our friend and teenage guitarslinger Oli Brown 
www.rivermilltavern.co.uk  One of our favourite venues
www.maddfaringdon.co.uk   Faringdon Blues Club & Festival
www.dunstable.gov.uk Dunstable Folk Festival
www.shadesofblues.co.uk Bringing the best of the diverse styles of Blues music to St. Albans
http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ Red Hot Blues Club
www.matsumoku.org/guitars.html  Lots of info on Aria guitars
www.cosmikdebris.co.uk/grecoinfo.htm Lots of info on Greco Guitars
www.dc-developments.com  Cornell Amps, simply the best!
www.leclosbouyssac.eu A peaceful campsite on the river Lot. Run by a couple who used to live in Cheshem. It's very handy for the Cahors Blues Festival.
www.cahorsbluesfestival.com  A wonderful, relaxed open air event both in the arena and throughout the town.
www.bluespassions.com  Another major blues festival in France
www.customleadz.com  Great leads at a great price


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