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This jumbo acoustic was made in Japan and was my first steel strung guitar. I bought it new in 1969 (one of the few guitars I ever bought new) and it has been dragged half-way around the world with me ever since. Named 'Spooky', it has too many memories to ever think of selling it.

1962 Gibson B25. 

I bought this guitar just after I arrived in Cape Town, South Africa. I had just enough money to buy the guitar or pay the rent - but not both. As you can see, I still have the guitar. 

Ibanez Flying V Made in Japan.

I found this in our local junk shop and purchased it for the princely sum of £3.00. I have no idea when it was made but it needed a lot of TLC before it could be played.
1977 Fender Telecaster

This Blonde Telecaster was made in America in 1977. I was fortunate to have the guitar with me when I met the legendary guitarist Peter Green, ex Fleetwood Mac and he kindly signed the guitar for me. Peter has always been my favourite guitarist.
1980 Aria Pro II RS-850. 

Made in Japan by Matsumoku. It has a Walnut finish but the body is actually an Ash/Maple/Ash construction. The 5 piece through neck has virtually no heel where it joins the body and the fretboard is Ebony. It has a wonderful tactile shape 
I traded in the Flying V in part exchange for this guitar. It was 20 years old when I bought it and still had its price sticker on it. It has a rather gruesome history having been bought by a guy whose daytime job was in a saw mill. He apparently bought the guitar on a Saturday and the very next week lost several fingers in an accident at work. He never played the guitar again and it stayed in a cupboard for the next 20 years. 

1997 Patrick Eggle Redwing Ventura.

Patrick is one of England's top luthiers and is also a personal friend. He made this guitar for Richie Stevens who also worked in the 'Music Dept' in St.Albans, when Patrick worked out of the basement. It is one of only 50 of these guitars ever made and the only one in this 'oiled' finish. 
The guitar is made from swamp ash and has a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and jumbo frets. It features upgraded hardware including Schaller locking tuners and a custom made bridge with tremolo. It has two Seymour Duncan single coil pickups (at the neck & middle) and a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails humbucker at the bridge. 
Needless to say, it plays like a dream. 
1983 Aria TA 30. 

This guitar was also made in Japan in the great Matsumoku factory in 1983. It has a wine red finish with faded gold hardware. It is a hollow bodied guitar with a bolt on neck.

1982 Aria TA 60.

Made in Japan. I bought it on e-bay from a guy in North Carolina in the States. Although it was some 24 years old when I got it, it is in immaculate condition. It is now fitted with Kent Armstrong Vintage PAF pickups (both coil tapped). I also have another one fitted with Bare Knuckle pickups - a Stormy Monday to the neck and a Mule to the bridge. Made in the great Matsumoku factory in Japan at the height of their craft this is a superb example of their work.

1978 Greco EG 600 Les Paul Custom 

This is the three pick up 'Black Beauty' version. Made in the famous Fuji Gen Gakki factory Greco guitars were produced solely for the Japanese home market. It is an extremely accurate copy of the Gibson Les Paul but having a 'chambered' body it is much lighter.
2008 Tokai Love Rock II MIJ

I just couldn't resist this guitar. I think it looks fantastic, especially in this Violin finish and it plays and sounds even better than it looks. It's not often that I buy a new guitar but this one is superb quality and so cool! Both pickups are coil tapped, one tone control and one volume. I've fitted it with a Faber Locking Aluminium tailpiece. Pure simplicity.
2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard

A truely superb instrument with an awesome Dark Cherry Burst  flame maple top on a one piece, non chambered mahogany body, Nitrocellulose finish and Burstbucker pickups with aged covers. The bridge pickup is great but the neck pickup is outstanding. One piece mahogany neck with a super low action. Nothing else comes close.
Mesa V Twin

What a great valve pre amp this is. Makes you wonder why they stopped making them.
Cornell Overdrive Special

Great pedal. Gives 2 overdrive channels, clean & crunch, with extra boost to either channel as required. Cornell's usual quality product.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver 
This pedal has been professionally modded to 'Robert Keeley' specs. by Chris at
www.pedalmods.com . Great sounding pedal.
Aria Overdrive

One of the most useful of all the overdrive units. It has a wider range than most.
Digitech Screamin' Blues

The pick of the bunch is the Digitech Screamin' Blues. A great overdrive/ distortion pedal giving loads of sustain. Seperate outputs for either amp or mixer

Lone Wolf Blues - Harp Delay

A great delay pedal made especially for the Harmonica. Also helps reduce any feedback.

Webber Mini-Mass
This attenuator quietens your amp and allows you to both play your guitar and keep the neighbours happy!
  Fender Passport P.A.

This is our main PA for both the duo and the Band. It copes happily with all but the largest venues and we have used it in over 2,000 gigs without any problems. The speakers clip to the central unit which is the amp, to make it compact and easy to carry.
Lee Oskar Harmonicas

I play Lee Oskar Harmonicas exclusively. 
They are available in all keys plus some very interesting minor keys.
The harmonica shown was a personal gift from Lee and is inscribed "To Mike Chase. Lee Oskar 2005" 

Dr Ika's harmonica mic

Dr Ika custom made this harmonica mic for me. It comes with an on/off switch which is very handy at gigs. This mic eliminates feedback at all but the very highest volumes. I can now play the harp loud enough to be heard over the rest of the band - they are very noisy. Paul Jones (The Blues Band) currently uses one of Dr Ika's custom mics. Check out the Dr's site via my 'Links' page and get him to make one for you.
Fender Bassman 

This is a fabulous amp. What more can you say about this legendary 'Tone Monster'.

Ashdown Peacemaker 40.

This is an all tube, class 'A', 40 watt amp.

Ashdown 'Cotton Club Blues' Prototype
This amplifier is the original pre-production Cotton Club Blues, designed and hand built for Ashdown by Dave Green at Matamp.  28 watts, through a 12" Mesa Boogie 'Black Shadow' speaker.  4 x 6V6s, spring reverb,  bypassable master volume and Matamps “filter” control which quickly adjusts overall eq to suit different guitars.  A fantastic amp I just couldn't resist.
Crate Blue Voodoo 
This 50 watt head is very rare & hard to find these days but it has great tone. It is now coupled with a 1 x 12 cab fitted with a Celestion G12 Century Vintage speaker.
Cornell Romany Plus

Pure tone heaven! 
Denis Cornell is well known for making amps for the likes of Eric Clapton. The Romany Plus is a 10 watt class A valve amp with spring reverb and a 12' Jensen speaker.
Fantastic tone, incredibly loud for 10 watts.

Memphis Mini

This is a hand wired, point to point, single ended class A, all valve amp. Producing 6 watts through an 8" Weber signature speaker. Made to order in Denver, Colorado. This is the first amp I've ever had that is specifically designed for Harmonica. Two control knobs (Tone & Volume) It's loud on it's own but when you need more volume it's designed to be plugged straight into the P.A. Weighs in at only 18lbs.
I now use nothing else.