I am an Aura-Soma  colour therapist. This is a therapy based on colour, helping people make contact with their inner selves. As a practitioner, I interpret a selection of 4 bottles, (part of the range of more than a hundred two-tone Equilibrium bottles is seen above) which the client has chosen. These represent the soul's purpose with which you are born, colours to work with to help during your lifetime, the present life situation and how we may use our gifts to create a future you would like for yourself. 




A consultation may take a couple of hours and will allow you to look at many aspects of yourself, in the presence of the wonderful Aura Soma  bottles, which lend the dimension of all the colours of the rainbow, with it's many diversities to assist with the process of self discovery.

As well as the Equilibrium Bottles, the range consists of Pomanders, Quintessences and Colour Essences. You may wish to choose a combination of products from this range, as a result of your consultation to support you in your daily life. I am able to order the products for you and will discuss this with you at the consultation. 



 The Equilibrium bottles consist of a water base, containing herbal extracts, the energies of crystals and natural colour from plant extracts. The oil part is found on top of the water and is made up of essential oils, crystal energies and natural colour. The mixture of oil and water smells beautiful and therefore adds the dimension of smell to the therapy. The Equilibrium bottles are applied directly to the body.


I make use of the quintessences and pomanders when giving Reiki treatments and find that this is another excellent way to introduce colour and fragrance to the healing session. 
Aura Soma  can therefore also be used in conjunction with other therapies e.g. massage and kinesiology. It is however, a complete system in itself. The pomanders and quintessences are put into the person's aura and the colour essences can be applied to the pulse points and temples. The are also available in the form of Air Conditioners and I make use of them in my therapy room to clear the energies between clients and to fragrance the air.


Vicky Wall, who was gifted with second sight, brought this wonderful therapy into being in the 1970s. At the time of bringing these beautiful bottles into being, Vicky was, visually impaired but was still able to see aura around people. When she first displayed her initial selection of bottles to the public, she noted that people chose bottles that matched the colours of their auras.


The bottles are a truly remarkable display of colour - very uplifting and inspiring - come and see for yourselves. Fill your lives with light and colour and find what a difference it makes to the way you feel!


Consultation plus reading - 40.00

*- Reproduced by kind permission of Aura-Soma Ltd