Ear candling is a very pleasant, soothing and non-invasive therapy that is now widely used to relieve conditions of the ear and head area. It is also an enjoyable means to help combat stress in our busy modern world. It calms the mind, relaxes the whole body and can help to alleviate hearing problems, hay fever, sinusitis, headaches, tinnitus, congestion and excessive earwax, as well as many other common disorders. 


It has an ancient history from different cultures from around the world. It is known to have been practised by people as far apart as the Egyptians, Aztecs, Australian Aborigines and Native Americans. In many parts of the world traditional practices have disappeared, however, in the State of Arizona members of the Hopi Tribe have kept the tradition going until the present day.


Ear candling is been proven by modern research to be holistically beneficial to people, i.e. it works on the physical, emotional and subtle energies. It may sound strange that a candle, placed in someone’s ear can make these claims, but the evidence from ancient history, as well as that from case studies currently undertaken, prove the usefulness of this therapy.

A free health consultation is given prior to the first consultation. 

DURATION – 45 MINUTES, Fully Clothed – COST £35.00